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TeamCleaning 2.0--A Systemized Way to Higher Profitability

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3/12/2024 11:10:00 AM

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3/12/2024 12:10:00 PM

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Most operations have adopted some TeamCleaning elements, but few have really opened the hood and tuned their operation to take full advantage of the benefits—much like Toyota did with their manufacturing process to increase quality and reduce price. This session offers insight into how our industry can re-engineer Team Cleaning.

1. All Cleaning Ops have a system- rather it’s Survival (throw labor at a building hope I don’t get canceled) to Engineered Operations (measurable, accountable, repeatable process) Where is your operations on that scale?
2. Importance of a building profile – This is your secret profitability roadmap – most building owners and property managers don’t know the actual cleanable square feet.
3. Production rates are critical to understand – Labor is like gas in your car and not understanding production rates (labor) would be like driving without a gas gauge and not knowing your car’s milage. You’ll end up (Stranded – Not Profitable)
4. Training – The bed rock of our operations should be training, unfortunately it’s not and most of our complaints and cancelations can be tracked back to non or improper training!

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1 hour