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Enhancing Cleaning Services in Facilities Management: A Path to Excellence

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3/13/2024 3:10:00 PM

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3/13/2024 4:10:00 PM

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Today, the role of facilities management has become pivotal in ensuring the functionality and safety of our environment. Cleaning has transcended from a routine task to a critical component of maintaining a clean and safe space for all occupants. This presentation will provide practical solutions for cleaning service providers, and all stakeholders involved in maintaining clean, safe, and sustainable environments. Attendees will leave this session with a greater understanding of these advancements and strategies, to collectively elevate the standards of cleaning services within facilities management, ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of all occupants.

1. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices
2. Client and Tenant Engagement
3. Training and Workforce Development
4. Prepared Emergency Response and Data-Driven Cleaning

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1 hour