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How Cutting Through Greenwashing Helps You Meet Your Facility's Sustainability Goals

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3/12/2024 8:45:00 AM

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3/12/2024 9:45:00 AM

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Do you really know if the products your facility is purchasing are helping you meet your sustainability goals and reduce your scope 3 emissions? It’s easy to overlook details of how a product is produced and how its materials are sourced given the influx of greenwashing. However, there are ways to cut through the messaging and find reliable products that will help your facility remain trustworthy and reach its sustainability goals.

1. Educate others on how to run their business sustainably and introduce must-know sustainability tools to better compare products and organizations. 
2. Highlight how to interpret third-party certifications for cleaning products and why looking at the complete supply chain of a product is necessary.
3. Sustainability can improve a business's bottom line and build trust with customers.
4. Emphasize that sustainability is a global effort.

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1 hour