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Deep Dry Extraction without Chemistry

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3/13/2024 8:00:00 AM

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3/13/2024 9:00:00 AM

About this session:

Is there a need for traditional chemical-based cleaning agents?

This presentation will explore the principles and technology showcasing how to harness available machinery and techniques to achieve unparalleled cleanliness without compromising on sustainability. We'll discuss the science behind deep dry extraction, highlighting its ability to penetrate and extract dirt, grime, and contaminants from various surfaces, leaving spaces not just clean but also healthier.

Whether you're a facility manager, cleaning professional, sustainability advocate, or industry enthusiast, this session promises to provide invaluable insights into a totally dry cleaning methodology that redefines the standards of cleanliness. Join us as we explore the future of clean buildings through Deep Dry Extraction without Chemistry.


  1. Understand the science and methodology behind deep dry extraction
  2. Assess deep dry extraction technique, equipment and processes across a variety of surfaces
  3. Examine the health and sustainability impacts of deep dry extraction
  4. Review keys to establishing optimal scheduling strategies for successful deep dry extraction

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