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Global Trends in Cleaning

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3/13/2024 9:15:00 AM

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3/13/2024 10:15:00 AM

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This panel discussion brings together three internationally known cleaning thought leaders for a dynamic and interactive exploration of key trends shaping the industry, including infection control, sustainable initiatives and robotics and disruptive technologies. Attendees come away with a nuanced understanding of the distinct ways in which these trends are impacting the cleaning industry in Europe, the United States and Canada, and what to expect from an increasingly globalized cleaning marketplace

  1. Understand the current global trends influencing the commercial cleaning industry, including advancements in technologies, sustainable practices, and operational strategies.
  2. Explore innovative cleaning technologies and their potential impact on commercial cleaning practices worldwide.
  3. Gain insights into sustainable practices and the need for a global, comprehensive understanding of environmentally responsible approaches to commercial cleaning.
  4. Analyze emerging strategies for operational efficiency that help to adapt and implement best practices in their commercial cleaning practices on an international scale.

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