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Indoor Air Quality – The Next Great Frontier in Cleaning Operations

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3/13/2024 8:00:00 AM

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3/13/2024 9:00:00 AM

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Over the last 100 years public health improvements have been made to water quality, outdoor air pollution, food safety, and overall sanitation, but the COVID-19 pandemic and recent wildfires have demonstrated the dramatic need to focus on improved indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality is the next great frontier in public health, and enhanced cleaning and maintenance practices will play a meaningful role in the IAQ gains to come – it isn’t only about HVAC and building engineers anymore!

Join us to learn more about strategies to implement a comprehensive cleaning program which can deliver improved IAQ and help reduce the spread of pathogens, protect against allergens, and diminish the health impacts of wildfire smoke and other air pollutants in the Healthy Buildings of the Future.

  1. Review the importance of good indoor air quality on building occupant health
  2. Identify the challenges to good indoor air quality including allergens, pathogens, and malodors
  3. Understand the positive impact that an effective cleaning protocol can have on indoor air quality and how it can complement the HVAC system and building engineers
  4. Provide comprehensive cleaning strategies to address IAQ, Surface Cleaning and Disinfecting, and Hand Hygiene Solutions which can help to limit potential exposure of building occupants to indoor pollutants and pathogens and increase overall building occupant wellness

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